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War of the Flea, South Africa.

I have often thought to myself that if anything was ever gong to change in South Africa it would arrive after realizing the point of no return and the reality is the point is right there in front of us, all it takes is just one spark and the whole country could explode. South Africa is not a country at peace with itself and under the current majority rule African National Congress (ANC) government it will not recover anytime soon. We know what the problems are, however it seems there are very few solutions and meanwhile the white minority have become restless and with it angry. On any day the situation could become disastrous and with it hopes and dreams destroyed.

The name "War of the Flea" derives from a military term: "The guerrilla fights the war of the flea and his military enemy suffers the dog's disadvantages: too much to defend; too small, ubiquitous, and agile an enemy to come to grips with. If the war continues long enough - this is the theory - the dog succumbs to exhaustion and anaemia without ever having found anything on which to close its jaws or to rake with its claws." A book written by Robert Taber originally published in 1965 the book takes a detailed look at the conditions and strategy of guerilla war.

During my time living on a farm in Rhodesia we experienced a rural guerilla war for 15 years. An anti-colonial liberation war, a political struggle for majority rule an experience I would not want to see repeated against my own minority people and those "liberators" have ruled in the now Zimbabwe for 40 years and in South Africa for 26 years.

During my 12 years campaigning to further awareness about the plight of white farmers and their workers in South Africa the more shocking information of ethnic cleansing under ANC rule in the "new" South Africa against the white minority of the Afrikaners by farm killings, or 'plaasmoorde' as it is called in Afrikaans.

Similar to the situation in Zimbabwe after the country became independent, while the farms are not at present being completely taken away from the farmers in land grabs, South African farmers themselves, and their families, are being attacked and killed in the most horrendous ways and this war is escalating rapidly.

During the war in Rhodesia there were fewer farmers killed than this current day in South Africa because Rhodesia had the military strategically located unlike in South Africa where the military are not deployed, there are no commando units to serve, combat and prevent these brutal terrorist atrocities from happening daily.

Julius Malema, former president of the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League, and now the Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), South Africa’s best known anti-white hate speech ranting villain and who continues to get away with his racial rants, influencing racial hate and divide, compounded with chanting of his favourite political song titled “Kill the Boer, the farmer” and the wording is taken literally by robbers and killers of farmers said that all whites are criminals, and that they are going to take all the land back without compensation, but that if farmers give back 80% of their land, all farmer attacks will stop. While Malema is no longer leader of the ANC Youth League nothing has stopped him from continuing his mission and with it, it is to be expected that his former followers and present supporters will continue with his thoughts.

We should be mindful that the country Rhodesia before it became Zimbabwe used to be the "bread basket of Africa", despite sanctions and vicious war and now people have nothing and the farm lands lie fallow, the question is how can South African farmers give away their land and let the people go hungry? Why should they give away their land and all their years of hard work? Why should they give away the land they love and have worked, some of which has been in the family name for more than a hundred years?

The majority of farmers are Afrikaners, and are a minority and a small part of the population in South Africa. They feel that these vicious attacks are hate crimes and are, in fact, genocide and after all they experience head-on almost all the 10 stages of genocide nearly every day, and those stages are; Classification. Symbolization. Discrimination. Dehumanization. Organization. Polarization. Persecution. Preparation, Extermination. Denial.

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has denied repeatedly that farm attacks and farm murders happen in South Africa, this he also stated, or words to effect in a speech to the international media in New York, September, 2018.

READ: 10 Stages of Genocide By Gregory H. Stanton. President of Genocide Watch.


South African farmers feel that if this is not stopped, Zimbabwe will "look like a walk in the park", because if there are no farmers, no food can be produced. Hungry people are a lot more violent than homeless people and it is important to protect the food supply of the people of South Africa.

It is not about how quickly the government can take the land from the farmers and give it to the masses, it is about feeding those masses.

It is also about preventing such gruesome and terrible crimes that has continued since 1991 against the farmers and their families.

It has become more apparent that there are individuals within the ruling African National Congress (ANC) who are forcefully pushing for land grabs, because they believe that it is the only way to get land to the black majority in South Africa under the false perception of greater control and with a growing unemployment rate of 52% among the young people in South Africa, the government should take notice, because the country can turn into another Zimbabwe very quickly.

VIDEO: War Of The Fleas. The informative video was first released in 2014 and much has changed since then, the situation has become much worse. Please watch and listen for relevance.

White people are only 6% of the total population in South Africa. A very small minority under a black nationalist regime that do nothing to stem the racial hate violence committed against minorities of all races. They use propaganda to vilify the minority. This is how a society looks where minority rights are not respected. A country that prides itself as being a democracy and "non-racialist", shows it's underbelly of hypocrisy.


Author: Shar Grainger for Break The Silence About South Africa. Date Published 6th October, 2020.

Break The Silence About South Africa.

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