The Great South African Land Scandal.

This is not the beginning. The story started many years ago.

Could it be that the ruling African National Congress (ANC) regime are engineering famine in South Africa?

Absolute power flows not only from the barrel of a gun, but also from the hand which holds the food.

In 2007, thirteen years after adopting majority black rule, South Africa became a net food importer for the first time ever.

“The Great South African Land Scandal" written by Dr Phillip du Toit book tells the story of South Africa's "land reform" which, although proceeding at a slower pace than in Zimbabwe, is no less insidious and is leading to the same disastrous consequences.

Afrikaner farmers are being driven from the land through a combination of murder, terrorism, and state coercion. Almost every farm taken over by black farmers has collapsed and food production has plummeted.

No commercial farm is safe in South Africa

When first published, pressure was exerted by the South African government to suppress this book-and the reader will soon discover why as examples of black failure is laid out.

This book lifts the lid on what is happening to white South Africans and serves as a dramatic warning to Western nations of their future should they allow Third World immigration to swamp their lands as well.

Extract from the book - " There are alarming signs that no commercial farm is safe in South Africa. At one meeting between land claimants and commercial farmers, the claimants told the farmers “Just give us your title deeds. Then you can work for us”. What is really sought by many claimants is a productive farm which someone else will run so that a large salary and profits can be taken from the operation without too much effort.

Some farmers could not talk to us for fear of reprisals. One farmer was scared to death. His farm is next to a huge squatter camp. He told us he had to keep quiet “so I can at least get something for my farm from the Department of Land Affairs”. His farm contains a R1 million dairy operation, but nobody wants to buy his farm. He is trying to get whatever price he can from the government. It is too dangerous for him to stay on the property. He has already moved his family to town, and appointed a manager."

Every White Cross Tells A Story.

Where to buy this book: The book is available for purchase on-line from Amazon books, in America and limited availability in the United Kingdom

Try also with Abe books.

ISBN 10: 1105964795 ISBN 13: 9781105964794

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