The Fight for Freedom and Justice in South Africa.

How far we've moved away from the brutal 15 year bush war in Rhodesia to how easily, with a stroke of a pen South Africa was handed over to communist "freedom fighters" and to this day in November, 2019 people continue to support them.

Beneath is a piece written by the highly acclaimed soldier Willem Ratte from the Rhodesian Bush War and the South African Border War. He served in both Rhodesia forces and the South African Army.

Introduction. Wilhelm Friedrich Ratte (born 14 February 1948) in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa the youngest son born to a South African mother and German father. He is a former member of the elite Rhodesian Special Air Service of the Rhodesian Army, and former Lieutenant Colonel in 32 Battalion, the most decorated unit in the South African Defence Force.

Ratte volunteered to join the Rhodesian Army in 1973 and was in the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) and later transferred to the elite Rhodesian Special Air Service (SAS). After six years in the Rhodesian Army and before the 1980 disbandment of the Rhodesian Special Air Service, Ratte left and joined the South African Defence Force. He was transferred to the elite 32 Battalion in 1979 with the rank of Lieutenant. His command and reconnaissance skills during reconnaissance operations such as "Project Spiderweb" earned him a promotion in 1984 to the rank of captain and in 1985 promoted again to the rank of Major. In 1990 he was again promoted, this time to the rank of lieutenant colonel. He resigned in 1991. He was referred to by Eeben Barlow as being "simply the finest, most professional soldier ever trained by the South African Defence Force with thanks to the Rhodesian military. (Information available on Wikipedia)

Willem Ratte

16 November 2017

A terrorist is a terrorist. It's as simple as that, and still 'the West' has consistently ignored this truism, especially when it came to elevating terrorists to 'statesmen' in southern Africa for their own nefarious ends. We, who fought Mugabe and his fellow-terrorists in the seventies, have always known this, but we were ignored by the mass media. So it comes as a wonderful surprise that there is at least one British journalist, and one British paper, which now calls a spade a spade. And which exposes the hypocrisy which surrounds one Robert Mugabe, de-facto dictator and butcher of Zimbabwe for 37 years. Maybe it's because he has now fallen, at last. Whatever, I am glad and want to congratulate Stephen Glover and the Daily Mail. Thank you for speaking out. The article is the absolute truth and worthy of being read and widely distributed:

STEPHEN GLOVER: How obscene that even today Mugabe's many British apologists call him a 'freedom fighter'...

By Stephen Glover for the Daily Mail

⦁ The forced removal from power of 93-year-old Robert Mugabe should be cause for celebration, since he has been one of the wickedest despots on earth, who in his 37-year rule brought the once prosperous country of Zimbabwe close to ruin.

⦁ But unfortunately he seems likely to be succeeded by his former collaborator and Marxist comrade-in-arms, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who until last week was Vice-President. This man is probably as brutal, nasty and tyrannical as Mugabe.

So it grieves me to say that the future for Zimbabwe — the former British colony of Rhodesia — looks as grim today as it did before the army coup against Mugabe. The head of the army, General Chiwenga, is another very unpleasant piece of work.

⦁ How did it happen that a country which was once a net exporter of food has been reduced to its pitiable state by self-serving and corrupt politicians who live like kings while some of their people starve, and 90 per cent are unemployed?

⦁ The forced removal from power of 93-year-old Robert Mugabe (pictured) should be cause for celebration, writes Stephen Glover

⦁ The answer to that question is that we, the British, nurtured and succoured (assisted) Mugabe. He is our creation. Yet there is a widespread view, which must be debunked, that the man was not always a monster, and only became so when left to his own devices.

⦁ In the space of a few minutes on Radio 4 yesterday morning, Mugabe was three times described as a 'former freedom-fighter'. Then the Tory MP Nicholas Soames asserted that for a number of years after becoming leader of Zimbabwe in 1980 he had behaved quite well but changed later for the worse. Both notions are utterly wrong.

⦁ In truth, Mugabe was always a brute, and he was a terrorist not a 'freedom-fighter'. And almost from the moment he achieved power, he continued in his old ways of murdering his opponents.

Why should anyone be surprised? During the war against Ian Smith's white-minority Rhodesian government in the Seventies, Mugabe's troops were guilty of numerous terrorist atrocities.

In particular, they targeted — which means they killed — white missionaries in the belief that such acts of terror would subjugate rural blacks to their cause. At least 33 missionaries and members of their families were murdered.

In one gruesome incident in June 1978, Mugabe's terrorists — not 'freedom-fighters' — axed, bayonetted and clubbed eight British missionaries and four of their children in eastern Rhodesia. Of five women, most were sexually assaulted before they were killed, and one was mutilated.

After Mugabe became prime minister following the Lancaster House Agreement brokered by the British government, he set about eliminating his enemies.In 1983, a campaign of terror was launched against the Matabele people in western Zimbabwe.

The 'crime' of the Matabele, in Mugabe's mind, was that many of them supported his Matabele rival, Joshua Nkomo. An estimated 20,000 people were slaughtered by Mugabe's Fifth Brigade, which had been trained by North Korea.

So when Nicholas Soames implies all was reasonably hunky-dory until Mugabe started confiscating white-owned farms around the year 2000, he is talking nonsense. I suppose he is seeking to defend his father, Christopher, who was briefly Governor of Rhodesia while the Lancaster House Agreement was implemented.

- Image at the top, from the days when Mugabe was commanding the Zanu terrorists in the bush.

Left is Robert Mugabe, Man on the right of the photo is present President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa. The man in the middle, identity is unknown at this time.

Published by Shar Grainger on Break The Silence About South Africa dated 18th November, 2019

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