Safety First. Farmers need to fight fire with fire. Afriforum.

By Christiaan Du Plessis 19 February 2020.

White farmers in rural South Africa are being systematically cleansed from the land.

Farmers need to arm themselves to protect themselves and their families against criminals because the police do not have the ability to help them, says Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at Afriforum.

Ian Cameron spoke on Wednesday (19th February, 2020) at a media conference of Afriforum and the family farming organization The Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI) in Centurion where these organizations announced their statistics about farm attacks and farm murders for 2019.This farm attacks from 443 cases in 2019 to 552, and farm murders from 54 to 57.Cameron says farmers should be able to defend themselves and can't rely on the government and the police to help them with this. He says farmers should arm themselves more with firearms to ensure them and their family's safety.

" We have to fight fire with fire. Sometimes one needs to take a life to save another life. If a farmer's wife and children's safety is in jeopardy, he must be able to act," says Cameron.

He added farmers must receive training and be responsible when firearms are handled. Cameron referred to Bheki Cele, police minister, who announced an amnesty period for the surrender (handing in) of firearms. The amnesty period lasts according to a notice in the gazette until 31 May, 2020. Cameron says the amnesty can cause abiding citizens who surrender their firearms are defenseless against criminals who do not give up their firearms.


Summary: The South African Police Services (SAPS) has recently begun publishing statistics on farm attacks as well as farm murders over the past few years, it remains important for organisations like AfriForum to continue collecting information on farm attacks and murders so that the SAPS and government can be held responsible. AfriForum’s data shows that rural communities are starting to fight back and become more prepared. It is clear that we cannot count on government to introduce measures to safeguard rural communities. It is therefore very important for people to know how to protect themselves. The significant increase in farm attacks in 2019 proves that the police does not have the capacity or power to prevent violent crime on farms. This means that you will most probably have to rely on yourself in case of a violent farm attack.

Statistics: There were 552 farm attacks in 2019, compared to 2018's 433. There were 57 farm murders in 2019, and although every farm murder is a tragedy, it's just 3 more than in 2018", says Lorraine Claasen, Afriforums, crime analyst.

"The fact that the total of Farm Attacks has increased so dramatically, but the Farm Murders total has remained relatively constant means farmers are increasingly better prepared to defend themselves & assist each other. 10 farm attackers were shot dead in 2019."

The full report can be found on the website for Afriforum.


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