Rural Land Hunger Equals STARVATION.

Cannot be satisfied when its needs for land are based on anything other than agricultural production.

Ideologically motivated “liberation of the land” is not an accepted motive for either redistribution of land or the intimidation of white farmers in an effort to force them off their land”

SOUTH AFRICA: The (ANC) African National Congress government’s promise to return the land to the people as outlined in the Freedom Charter is an invitation to famine and starvation.

By turning a blind eye to land invasions (aka Land Grabs) except of course when the government itself owns the land or where Diamond mining is involved), and by withdrawing the commandos from rural areas, the government has exposed the South African commercial farming sector to the current wave of criminality, where hatred, resentment and cruel savagery accompany many farm murders.

South Africa cannot survive this genocidal wave, and it must be checked. Given the disastrous results of previous ANC and current Government Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs handover of productive farms to unskilled people, many wonder why they insisted that 30% of productive farmland will be transferred to "emerging" farmers before 2015. (and today the situation has worsened in 2018) (We use the term “emerging” with some caution, given that most people who received restitution or redistribution farms were not farmers.)

It is claimed according to the Government Minister that the remaining 70% of the farming community will continue operating “and carry us all”

Well... this might come as a shock but ... A large number of farmers have had enough.

Some would sell tomorrow at a fair price, others for what they can get. When four members of your family have been murdered on your farm, it is not really an attractive proposition any more. When you see what has happened to Zimbabwe’s commercial farming community, the future looks bleak, despite government assurances that “it won’t happen in South Africa”. Meanwhile there is the continuing threat and intimidation of land expropriation without compensation, by seizure according to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Think about this...

When your grazing is burnt out three or four times a year, when your crops and stock are stolen, when you can do little to stop squatter invasions on what is after all your private property, and when your chances of being slaughtered in your home are the greatest in the world, why bother?

And lets not forget...

The impending expropriation legislation. Why put your heart and soul into something that can be taken away at the stroke of a pen? Why, indeed! Many farmers soldier on because farming is their life. But for the sake of their children? Are they attracted to a life of danger, or does a career overseas or in the cities look more alluring? There are no guarantees in South Africa.

Question that must be asked about farm murders is... WHY?

The recent published government report declared that most murders and attacks are simply criminal. In his keynote book “Farm Attacks and the African Renaissance” Professor C.J. Moolman points out the following:

• Why are the attacks and murders on farms so premeditated, while statistics indicate that the overwhelming majority of murders in South Africa are related to alcohol, drug abuse, and interpersonal and domestic conflict?

• Why are farm attacks so extremely brutal which is not the case with the majority of murders in South Africa?

• Why are farm attacks and murders mostly black on white, while this is not necessarily the case in the rest of South Africa? If theft is the most important motive, why are thousands of black shop owners in rural areas not brutalised remotely as much during attacks by gangs as is the white farming community?

• Why are farmers constantly accused of mistreating their workers, thus precipitating farm attacks, while the Helen Suzman Foundation found that 93% of farm workers indicate their relationship with their employers is good?

• Why have bad socio-economic conditions become the reason for attacks, while it is acknowledged that bad socio-economic conditions existed before 1994 in black communities?

Professor Moolman says cases of “senseless killing” have been identified. Criminals wait at the farm house, without taking anything, and then torture and kill the farmer on his return. Other cases reveal a farmer’s family being held hostage until he returns. Some criminals travel vast distances to attack people on farms and then only take firearms or the family car, which is later found abandoned down he road.

Racial utterances at the crime scene are common place.

Then there is the post-traumatic stress, the fear of returning to one’s farm, the frequent repeat attacks, sometimes up to four or five times. Teaching people to secure themselves is big business in South Africa. People are warned not to do this or that, to watch for something here, to be vigilant for someone there. Security habits must be cultivated, we are told, and looking over one’s shoulder has become a way of life. Bakkies ( pick-up trucks) are now being advertised as bullet-proof.

Clearly, robbery is not the main motive for farm attacks, and research shows that farmers feel and can prove this to be so. “They want to systematically cleans us from our land” are words repeated often throughout any day, continuously.

The additional problems of humiliation, threats, intimidation, persecution, ranting of political songs taken literally by killers and robbers of farmers. Crop and stock theft, illegal squatting / land grabs and expropriation legislation all point to this being a fact.


Governments weaponize famine....Lets see where hunger hits hardest.

By Shar Grainger for Break The Silence About South Africa. Dated 26th November, 2019..


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