How Do South African Groups Cast Themselves As Victims?

To understand, you need to drive around about two-and-a-half hours north of Johannesburg, where private citizens have erected a striking monument. Hundreds of white crosses – each with a name, date and age -- form a giant cross on the slope. The date on each cross is the day each person was murdered.

Large white letters fixed to the mountainside spell out “Plaasmoorde” or “Farm Murders.”

The monument has two aims: show how many white farmers have been murdered and give names to the victims - AS EVIDENCE - Farm murders and the monument barely gets a mention in the local press and South Africa's President Ramaphosa has not even made a turn to visit the monument, but then why should he, he is in denial and if he did make the visit he would have to face the truth and tell it.

Ramaphosa President of South Africa In Convenient Denial

“A systematic process of ethnic cleansing is a looming threat in South Africa,” says Ernst Roets, the deputy chief executive of AfriForum. AfriForum caters mostly, but not exclusively, to Afrikaaners. It fashions itself as a minority civil rights group -- the minority being white South African. Roets insists farmers are killed in disproportionate numbers in South Africa and that government leaders and some black South African politicians are complicit, citing the incendiary remarks of Julius Malema, the leader of radical opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters. Malema has been charged with hate speech for singing a struggle song called “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer.” Now he substitutes “kill” with “kiss”

There are many people that are misinformed about all that continues daily in South Africa and this is the reason why we encourage campaigning to further awareness. We are delighted that more and more people every day from outside of South Africa know about Farm Attacks, Farm Murders, Land Reform - Land Expropriation Without Compensation and know about the situation where hundreds of white South Africans want to leave or are leaving or have already left the country of their birth for a better life for themselves and their children without living daily under threat, fear, humiliation, dehumanization, persecution and killing.

IMAGE: Every white cross shouts out of pain and suffering. A hilltop that provides evidence is what I choose to call the "White Cross Monument" because every name is evidence of Farm Murders that continue unabated by a complicit government.

By Shar Grainger. First published February, 2nd, 2020. *ACTION IS ANTIDOTE TO DESPAIR*

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