FIRST...They'll Take The Land And Then The Rest.

THE GOVERNMENT CAN TAKE ANYTHING YOU OWN IF THE EXPROPRIATION BILL IS APPROVED. LAND IS JUST THE START. Pensions, homes, investments, land. All of this is up for grabs if the government succeeds in approving the new Expropriation Bill. The public can comment on this bill for sixty days – until 10 February 2021.

This is your only chance to comment on and take a stand against it.

Complete the form included in the LINK provided with this post and TLU SA will send your submission to parliament. It will also form part of TLU SA’s presentation.

TLU SA have given their deadline of 10th February, 2021 in order to make certain their submission is received promptly before the 28th February, 2021.

Everything is at stake , not just your property! Make your voice COUNT,


"Not a single municipality in the Free State or the North West achieved a clean audit in 2020...yet, the Expropriation Bill, if passed, would allow municipalities to expropriate property without compensation and without a court order." See image 1 >


There’s a list of circumstances in the Bill where nil compensation may be considered. But it is an open list - not exhaustive. See image 2 attached beneath.

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