First Occasion British Judge Rules Right to Residency for white South African based on Human Rights.

A Judge ruled in a British court this week of 22nd March, 2021 that - SOUTH AFRICA IS A VIOLENT CRIME RIDDEN COUNTRY.

This is the first occasion a British Judge has stated these words and ALSO THE FIRST OCCASION that... A British Judge has ruled that a white South African can continue to reside in Britain indefinitely with Permanent Residency citing the applicant is allowed to stay based on HUMAN RIGHTS.

This means that this particular case will set a precedent for future cases.

White South Africans do NOT have to continue living in a country where they are randomly attacked, intimidated, violated, humiliated, persecuted, ostracized from living a normal life and excluded from application for gainful employment and murdered.


With Permanent Residence comes a British Passport.

South Africans are well received in Britain because of their dedicated work ethic. They are viewed more positively to help keep the wheels of commerce and industry in motion.

For All inquiries regarding this matter, please contact; Shar Grainger

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All inquires will be treated as STRICTLY private, personal and confidential at all times.

All applications are processed legitimately through British Courts.

There are no immigration brokers involved.


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