Fight Of Agriculture In South Africa.

A silent story that needs to be told far and wide.


The story of where a white farmer gave his life, not for defending his country but trying to feed it!

Every year, the list of farmers on the Wall of Remembrance at Nampo Park in Bothaville, Free State, grows longer. Families visited the monument during the Nampo Harvest Day festival and added the names of loved ones killed in farm murders. The wall of remembrance was erected about 11 years ago, to honour all commercial farmers and their relatives who had been murdered since May 1961. The names are engraved on nine stone structures representing the country’s nine provinces. Three pillars represent a husband, wife, and child. At the centre of the monument is a statue of a young man with his arm raised and holding a Bible, to signify farmers’ dependence on the mercy of God.

In 2017 an organization named AgriSA suggested there are possibly between 36 000 to 40,000 commercial farmers that produced most of its food. However the number of commercial farmers in 2018 has decreased.

According to AgriSA a farmer is responsible for feeding more than 1 500 people in the cities and towns, and that is why it is so tragic. Farm murders affect not only agriculture as an industry, but it will eventually have an effect on food security in South Africa and more food will have to be imported.

The number of commercial farmers and those farmers feeding towns and cities will no doubt also have decreased as farmers stop planting and providing because their personal safety and security continues to be a high risk for white farmers, his family and of course the farm workers.

VIDEO: A Monument to the Victims of Farm Murders - The Wall of Remembrance. Please take the time to watch this video by EITHER following the link beneath OR Copy and Paste the link into your browser search engine.

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Pieterus Botha. First Published Nov, 2017. Republished April 01. 2020.


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