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FARM ATTACKS AND FARM MURDERS from 1990 to current date in 2021.

South African farmers live in fear daily, they don't have hope or know where to go.

They don't have anywhere to go. Immigration and asylum laws and procedures are in western countries, for example; USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Ireland are extremely regimental with many challenges and usually un -affordable to most farmers in South Africa, consequently they are stuck between a rock and a hard place while the target expands on their back daily.

The situation is much worse than is reported by independent media or that which we imagine. The African National Congress (ANC) the ruling government turn a blind eye, continue to remain in denial and are complicit.

These terrorist atrocities have continued from at least 1990 and from the un-banning of the ANC by the previous government.

South African farmers are desperate for help.

Agriculture in South Africa is complicated by the fact that South Africa is regarded as a marginal agricultural environment in comparison with other countries. The uncertain policy environment projected by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) government exacerbates the situation.

The protection of property rights and the fact that the market power principle is decisive in pricing. Incidents of Farm Attacks and Farm Murder intensifies the situation and consequently agricultural farming is no longer an attractive option and the future very bleak and resulting in threat to food security.

The safety of the farmers, their next of kin and workers on the farms protection has become extremely important. The reality is that the government has largely lost control over the safety of the people in the country.

TLU SA (aka TAU) Agricultural Services maintain a register of Farm Attacks and Farm Murders of their own registered members from 1991 to current year. Note: The numbers stated in the register are by province according to the database of registered TLU SA members.

The Spreadsheet displayed above is from TLU SA. For inquiry please contact TLU SA using the contact details shown on the spreadsheet.

BY Julia Philips. Dated 30th September, 2021.



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