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Ethnic Cleansing Exists in South Africa. By Albie Geldenhuys.

“Picture Postcard Perfect”. All is not as it seems in South Africa. And still no sign of being recognized as the first ethnic cleansing in the history of mankind to be totally ignored by the good and bad people of Planet Earth.


It is a fact farm attacks and farm murders in rural South Africa have increased in numbers and cruelty since January 1st 2017. There is no condemnation and no prevention or stopping by the Police Minister or the President of the country. Today the situation has changed, it has become worse,the atrocities are creeping into cities and towns and given the breakdown of rule f law and justice system there is little hope the convicted will remain behind bars for their sentence term. In-fact it is often the case that documents and evidence have a strange way of disappearing before the case goes to trial!

The attacks on farms is most often accompanied by extreme violence, rape and torture and is not ‘just crime’ or ‘easy targets’ as suggested by some groups and organisations. In many instances farmers and or their families are brutally murdered just for a cell phone or less.

The South African ruling African National Congress (ANC) government simply denies the existence of these atrocities and the police refuse to categorize them as ‘priority crimes’.

The year to 15th September, 2020:

1-15 September 2020- 26 farm attacks and 2 farm murders.

August 2020- 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders. July 2020- 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders. June 2020- 56 farm attacks and 7 farm murders. May 2020- 15 farm attacks and 4 farm murders. April 2020- 17 farm attacks and 1 farm murder. March 2020- 35 farm attacks and 6 farm murders. February 2020- 31 farm attacks and 8 farm murders. January 2020- 17 farm attacks.

Annual Statistics Supplied by ToekomsVonk Farm Statistics:

From January 2019 to December 2019: There were 453 farm attacks and 48 farm murders. From January 2018 to December 2018 There were 460 Farm Attacks and 64 Farm Murders. From January to December 2017. There were 463 Farm Attacks and 94 Farm Murders.


For EVERY Cross there can still be heard the scream of pain and suffering of farmers that have been brutally murdered that the rest of world turn a convenient blind eye and a deaf ear to and is it because they are too white? Unlike pre-1994 when the rest of the world decided by "main stream media brainwashing" to believe untruths and they certainly acted swiftly in those days to believe the worst.


ANOTHER reason for our 6th Annual October Is Orange Ribbon Month....

We want you to be involved. Raise world wide awareness by making a BIG BOLD Statement wear Orange for month of October. Please join in our SILENT PROTEST on social media platforms AGAINST Land Expropriation Without Compensation, Discrimination in the workplace, Corruption, State Capture, #FarmAttacks and #FarmMurders

WHY the color Orange? Because it is the color most recognized and associated world wide for farmers and their Fall and Harvest Farming Seasons.


#ActionIsAntidoteToDespair #BreakTheSilenceGroup

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