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Welcome to Break The Silence About South Africa, a unique record of events, incidents, situations and topical issues happening in and around South Africa  today.  

Break The Silence About South Africa aims to provide realistic, credible information and knowledge  to individuals residing in and out of South Africa, that which you will not ordinarily read in main stream media. 


We are all told from when we are young to “Live your life to the fullest. Love and be happy” That is possible in normal societies in this world.    

The world is changing fast. It is clear that the center of global gravity has shifted – catastrophe and political change within and around South Africa has reached a crisis point and is open for definition. 


It is common knowledge that farmers are the lifeblood of a country… Farmers feed the nation.

We need your HELP please to Break The Silence About South Africa, to further world-wide awareness.  Your commitment is required to condemn and consequently stop Farm Attacks and Farm Murders from happening.

This website is owner managed from Britain by individuals who have been born, bred and were resident in South Africa and who left because of survival, concern for their children’s future and prevent them from becoming displaced citizens in the country of their birth.

Our concerns for those less fortunate and through no fault of their own are not able to leave South Africa and continue to be subjected to;   political instability, brutal crime, poor education system, failing and corrupt financial economic infrastructure.  Threats,  intimidation, humiliation, dehumanization, persecution.   Their personal safety and security is at high risk, they are not able to defend themselves because the Police Minister would prefer them to not protect themselves in self defence or own a firearm. 

They are excluded from almost every sphere of society including application for employment due to draconian employment laws and the break down of the justice system.   They are not able to live a normal life. They exist. Wondering which day will be their last.


We post  about Farm Attacks, Farm Murders, Corruption, State Capture, Land Expropriation Without Compensation, Government Complicity, Political Undercurrent, Economics, News, Views and Topical Issues happening in and around South Africa.


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